Sparkle Labs began in 2005, when Ariel Churi and Amy Parness graduated from the Interactive Telecommunication Program at NYU. After collaborating on many projects in school, they wanted to continue working together on both commercial and non-commercial projects. Sparkle Labs’ goal is to realize the beneficial aspects of play in communication and learning.

Sparkle Labs brings their expertise in design, branding, usability, and education to create hi-tech, hi-touch products and environments.Years of experience in commercial and educational product design has informed both their client, and art work. Sparkle Labs’ focused mix of art, craft, and science empowers people to access and experiment with new, often inaccessible technologies.

Sparkle Labs’ work blurs the line between art and consumer products and has been featured at shows in Seattle, New York, South Korea and China. Today, Amy and Ariel are opening up their understanding of electronics by creating electronics kits, writing a book on the basics and releasing new interactive products.


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Sparkle Labs
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Sustainable Technology

Sparkle Labs works with its manufacturing partners to make products have as little environmental impact as possible. From the beginning, the design process looks to see how environmental impact can be decreased by designing a thoughtful product and by using recyclable packaging, soy inks and RoHS compliant components. Sparkle Labs is also interested in helping their manufacturing partners keep chemicals and waste down in the manufacturing process. They are hoping to become more involved in making sustainable electronics the industry standard.

Wholesale Inquiries

Want Sparkle Labs’ products in your store? Contact Sparkle Labs: wholesale AT sparklelabs DOT com

Press Inquiries

Please contact Ariel Churi for any press inquiries.
press AT sparklelabs DOT com
250 Elizabeth St #3
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