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Artist Papertronics Part 2: Kenzo Minami

Futuristic Papertronic by Kenzo Minami

Our second artist Papertronic is by Kenzo Minami, a Japanese illustrator and fashion designer who works in NYC.

His work is described as bold primary colours, seemingly drawing influences from video controls, crash test dummies, television test cards and other staples of the late twentieth century. We think the Lunar Lander piece was a great fit for his style. When we added the LEDs, this little robot really came to life.

Also check out  his illustrations for Affinity bike, a Brooklyn based mostly fixed gear bike company. His work looks so fresh on both canvases!

Stay tuned for more artist Papertronics next week…..


Kenzo Minami's piece in the show

Kenzo Minami takes on the future



Pound Dollar Euro

Silkscreen 2011 Kenzo Minami

Papertronics by other Artists week


Over the next weeks we are going to show you what some great artists did with the Papertronics’ Tablu Rasa, the blank one that comes in the kit. Every design is so unique. We were really impressed. These artists’ Papertronics were part of our gallery show at Gallery Hanahou.

Today we will post the Tabla Rasa lantern design of Lisa Grue from Denmark. When we got this is the mail, we knew that Lisa had designed it. We made delicate holes to let little rays of light out. This would be pretty using any color of LED.

Lisa Grue's take on Sparkle Labs' Tabla Rasa Papertronics


Designboom ICFF 2010


We will be in a group exhibition of international designers at the designboom mart at the ICFF 2010, May 15th to 18th. Come by and see all of Sparkle Labs’ new designs and the other designboom designers. You can check out designboom.

For the 6th time in New York, designboom will provide an unprecedented opportunity to meet the young avant-garde and become familiar with their work. Visitors are able to buy design souvenirs™ and limited edition pieces directly from the designers themselves.

Update: Had a nice time. Here are the pics.


Designboom ICFF 2010, a set on Flickr.