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Instructor: Ariel Churi
Contact information: Email: churiaATnewschoolDOTedu
Course Description
This course is an introduction to Visual Organization and Information Design. Students will explore different types of information and the modes of visual organization and representation that are appropriate to them. The class involves a studio and will draw upon previous design and technology skills.

Noel Tanner / Minneapolis, USA

Zodiac constellations: Type and Style

Type and Style

Since I want the main focus to be in the constellations and I want the person that interacts with the poster to feel and understand how he or she is part in the universe and his relationship to the stars, I want the type to be neutral, clean and not distracting. So I am going to use Helvetica in white or light gray over a dark background. The style is going to be a fusion of a sky map with Leonardo DaVinci’s Vitruvian Man.

Zodiac Constellations/Relationship of men to the Universe: Inspiration, type, style and format


  • Constellations and Stars: The most famous groups of stars and the myths and stories behind them. Sky maps and Zodiac constellations.


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  3. http://astronomyonline.org/observation/zodiac.asp
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  •  Astral Charts: Stars, planets and the relationship with Destiny. Zodiac signs, personalities, how the position of the planets the day the person was born affects destiny.