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Audrey Wayne – Typeface

For headlines of each of the different punk categories, I am thinking about using a “fun” typeface…I was looking online and found one called “Impact Label” which looks like the stickers made from a traditional label maker. For the body copy, I was thinking of using Rockwell. I originally thought about Courier, but once I applied it to the type it looked unprofessional.

Rockwell also has a variety of styles, including regular, bold, italic, and bold italic. This will be useful for the subcategories of text, such as the bands each group listens to and the clothing they wear. I will have different sizes of text for each category as well, which will contribute to a hierarchy of information.


inspiration and mood

These are pictures of the rough draft version I made.

These are images I pulled from online for ideas.


I want to take all the images that I will be incorporating, then trace them on illustrator for the outlines. These are a few pictures for inspiration, I drew most of the ones on my rough draft version by hand so I just have to trace those in illustrator along with whatever other images I want to add for inspo. I’m thinking it would have a house scene – with people, the top would be space along with weed paraphanalia, there could be an outside scene as well which would be like a street scene. I want to make the coloring page more modern – not a kid’s theme obviously.. maybe include some graffiti pieces to color in, and other random things along with the weed theme? Also, I was thinking maybe the outlines of the parts to be colored in could be in a different color, like green or purple or something… And I thought the poster could be given with one green crayon :)


Folding Poster

folding poster layout

I thought this layout would be good because it has the different panels that can be unfolded, and in the end still created a large poster size image. Also, using this style I can have some panels be small, and some have larger images, because some of the panels would be opened along with others at the same time. This can make the poster seem more cohesive, because I was worried about making each panel make sense with a small scene, and in the end have it look good.

-Sarah Stone

Inspiration and Mood

I’ ve got inspired from Darwin’s theory of evolution and I have decided to do the cycle of human life for  my poster.