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Zodiac constellations: Type and Style

Type and Style

Since I want the main focus to be in the constellations and I want the person that interacts with the poster to feel and understand how he or she is part in the universe and his relationship to the stars, I want the type to be neutral, clean and not distracting. So I am going to use Helvetica in white or light gray over a dark background. The style is going to be a fusion of a sky map with Leonardo DaVinci’s Vitruvian Man.

Zodiac Constellations/Relationship of men to the Universe: Inspiration, type, style and format


  • Constellations and Stars: The most famous groups of stars and the myths and stories behind them. Sky maps and Zodiac constellations.


  •  Astral Charts: Stars, planets and the relationship with Destiny. Zodiac signs, personalities, how the position of the planets the day the person was born affects destiny.