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Show examples you would like to emulate. Give us a good idea of what your final will be like.

Zodiac Constellations/Relationship of men to the Universe: Inspiration, type, style and format


  • Constellations and Stars: The most famous groups of stars and the myths and stories behind them. Sky maps and Zodiac constellations.


  •  Astral Charts: Stars, planets and the relationship with Destiny. Zodiac signs, personalities, how the position of the planets the day the person was born affects destiny.

Inspiration + Mood, Adrian Soroka

I found my color inspiration from the music video for the song as well as live performances. For the image-side of the poster I have chosen to use images that have reds in them to create cohesion between all of the images. Also- Lady Gaga explained that she associates this song with the color red, so many of her live performances of the song incorporate red elements. Therefore, it is easier and more logical to use images that have red in them.

I have found a poster from a V Magazine for Hudson Jeans that I really like and is serving as my inspiration for the folding component of this final. It is double-sided, with one side having hundreds of different tiles pictures and the reverse side just being one giant image. This is also helping me to understand how I can make the layout for the tiled images on the reverse side of my own poster.
Hudson Jeans Inspiration

Inspiration and Mood: Eileen Ellis

Inspiration/ Materials

This guy I’m seeing is a DJ and is coming out with an album soon/whenever he feels like it. So, due to my several-months-long obsession with the work of Stefan Sagmeister, I offered to design the sleeves for his album. I have never designed something like that before, so I bought the Sagmeister’s book, Made You Look, (which I wanted to purchase anyway) and read it cover to cover. I did this mostly to get a feel for the parameters of this project I’m taking on, to get inspired, and then not do what the Sagmeister did. 

Anyway, the name of the DJ is Animal Instincts, his label is Animal Testing, and his album is called, “Wasted Life.” Since I like animals, I want to use animals, and since I can’t get the idea of the pop-up out of my head, I want to incorporate that somehow. Thinking about the title, “Wasted Life,” I automatically thought of suicide, but I don’t want to be overly morose and obvious using twisted childlike doodles drawn in crayon or copyrighted pictures of dead bodies ripped from the interwebs. So I thought of the “Suicide King” in a deck of cards, and the card deck, often linked to Tarot which basically outlines the past, present and future of your life, seemed pretty fitting. In my mood board, I’ve also included the “Mona Lisa” because the composition for me relates to the positioning of the people on the face cards in the deck. Additionally, growing up I had heard of this medieval cooking technique where both a piglet and a bird are cut in half, stuffed, and resewn to one another and roasted on a spit, called, “Cockentrice.” I wanted to use two animals in the poster, a crocodile and a hippo since they’re kind of enemies in the wild but still have to live together (plus they’re fun to draw), so sewing them into one creature could be a solution to that while creating a yin/yang effect. The top left-hand corner is a poster I found on Fffound, which I would like to use as a guide and not try to blatantly rip off when I’m typesetting the “lyrics” (which will be done in Lorem Ipsum for now, since the DJ is lagging) on the back of the poster.

Now this is all well and good, but me knowing me, I might deem this too douchey and trying too hard and scrap the whole thing. Another idea I have is to do the Suicide King in neon lights like the Psychic Reading signs you see in bar-ridden areas. We’ll see.



I would like to base the layout of my poster on the classical styles of the early 20th century avante-garde graphic designs. I most specifically like the random nature of the dadaist designs. The use of white space, diagonal orientations, and futurist san serif fonts is clean and modern but also a little more classical like most of the early 20th century fine art. It suits the content of my poster tracing the evolution of early modern art.

Inspiration and Mood

From my personal experiences, I love everything about ocean, I love the ocean blue, fishes, and even the smell of ocean. Therefore I want to make a folding poster of oceans. I have just watched a movie called OCEANS, and I think it is really a good resource for me to start my poster.

Since the global environmental issues become more serious, we as human beings have already experienced the consequences of them. However, other organisms that sharing the Earth with us are more sensitive about the changing of their habitat. Such as those jellyfishes are really sensitive about the temperature and quality of seawater. I hope this folding poster can suggest people especially those kids also their parents can get lessons from, and become more environmental friendly.

inspiration and mood

These are pictures of the rough draft version I made.

These are images I pulled from online for ideas.


I want to take all the images that I will be incorporating, then trace them on illustrator for the outlines. These are a few pictures for inspiration, I drew most of the ones on my rough draft version by hand so I just have to trace those in illustrator along with whatever other images I want to add for inspo. I’m thinking it would have a house scene – with people, the top would be space along with weed paraphanalia, there could be an outside scene as well which would be like a street scene. I want to make the coloring page more modern – not a kid’s theme obviously.. maybe include some graffiti pieces to color in, and other random things along with the weed theme? Also, I was thinking maybe the outlines of the parts to be colored in could be in a different color, like green or purple or something… And I thought the poster could be given with one green crayon :)


Inspiration and Mood

I was very inspired by this vintage fashion book my mother bought me when I was younger. All of the croquis are drawn by hand. They are a bit kitsch as they were probably drawn in the 50s to make patterns for dresses out of. I want the poster to manifest the same kitsch feel. I want it to be a refined “do it yourself” kind of guide throughout fashion history.