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Folding Poster Draft

Context and Layout
I will be using the iron fold layout for my “Sauna” poster.

Inspiration and Mood
I created a Mood Board for this section in order to show examples of some of the styles, feeling, colors, mood, and inspirations for my poster.

Type and Style
I used the font News Gothic MT, alternating between the bold, italic, and regular font style, while incorporating use of different sizes.


(I put everything into one blog because it was taking too long to load.)

Audrey Wayne – Typeface

For headlines of each of the different punk categories, I am thinking about using a “fun” typeface…I was looking online and found one called “Impact Label” which looks like the stickers made from a traditional label maker. For the body copy, I was thinking of using Rockwell. I originally thought about Courier, but once I applied it to the type it looked unprofessional.

Rockwell also has a variety of styles, including regular, bold, italic, and bold italic. This will be useful for the subcategories of text, such as the bands each group listens to and the clothing they wear. I will have different sizes of text for each category as well, which will contribute to a hierarchy of information.