Building giant buttons for MoMA PopRally : Part 2

We went through a many possible designs but with the short time frame we decided to look for a pre-made enclosure.
A quick trip to Ikea uncovered nicely colored storage containers that can fit together into a button that is 13″ tall. Next to them were some Ikea shelves which are the same size that we can use as a base.

Ikea containers

Next we needed to choose the internal components. The most important part is the spring. We will use mattress foam for the spring. It is durable and will provide stability as you push down the plunger. We will use copper sheeting for the contacts. One contact will be glued to the top and the other will sit on top of a 4×4 piece of lumber. I think this design will be durable, look good, and play well.

The game requires four buttons. We will have the four buttons connected to one another by a wire but have them wirelessly connected to the computer.

So that is the plan. Stay tuned for our next post where we will take you through building the buttons.

Building giant buttons for MoMA PopRally : Part 1

Building giant buttons for MoMA PopRally : Part 1

Kill Screen is curating a MoMA PopRally and asked us to make some buttons for a couple of their games. They want giant buttons which sounds like a fun way to play games in a public space. One of the games is called B.U.T.T.O.N and is from Copenhagen Game Collective. I have yet to play the game but it seems to be much more about your physical relationship to the buttons and the other players. The second game is Canabalt from Adam Atomic. This is a single player, side-scroller that is played with a single button. It is surprisingly fun and requires a subtle touch on the button to control the height of your jump.

These buttons will up for two months and I am a bit concerned about the durability. We will design and build the giant buttons in upcoming posts.

SunMod : Solar Modification Kit

SunMod Solar Modification Kit
If you want to save energy, get up to change the channel! Or you can add-on our SunMod kit and your remote will never need new batteries again. Just turn your remote over and let the sun’s rays charge it. Hack any AA or AAA powered device to make it solar powered.

This kit is based on an article we did for Make Magazine. You can follow along with this how-to video we made. You can also see this video from Make based on the original project.

Included: a flexible solar cell 4.8V with soldered metal connectors, mailable packaging and double -sided tape. Fun hack. Easy way to break into solar projects. NiMH batteries not included.

Available here.


A bit of a delay :( Discover Electronics Kit 2.0

Version 2 of our electronics kit is a bit behind schedule. We are putting some finishing touches on it and could not resist adding even more improvements after getting the sample. It should be all ready in just a few weeks.

Some of the improvements:

  • Transparent breadboard
  • Simplified power supply
  • Improved packaging
  • Improved manual
  • Integration with videos

discover electronics v2
discover electronics v2 manual
discover electronics v2 manual

NOR_9625 - Version 7Man7-8Manual Page 5-6Manual 3-4

Discover Kit 2, a set on Flickr.

New Intern

Hello My name is Phil Lee and I am from Maryland and a student at RISD. I am an upcoming Sophomore and I am excited to work for Sparklelabs this summer!

Hi. I am a new intern!

Hi! My name is Joey Lee. I am from Guatemala and I am becoming a junior at RISD. I am majoring in painting and industrial design and I am excited to intern at Sparkle Labs for this summer in new york city!