Minho Kim – final – shaker

It’s a simple device without any button.
It controlled by Axis acceleometer(x,y,z).
It contains 4 function, balance ruler, simple drawing and two games(getting position and avoiding raining)
You can change functions with shaking.

GLCD, Arduino Mega, PCB board, laser cut wooden cover, Axis acceleometer

shaker ? video

iBall Final

So the iBall is working! The iBall is designed to be an user interface device. The iBall uses an Arduino FIO, xbee radios, two rgb leds, a three axis accelerometer, and two flex sensors. The idea is that when the iBall is activated the user receives visual feedback of their movements though the color. The movement of the ball is transmitted to the computer and can be used as input to a variety of software, such as Max/MSP. The flex sensors provide feedback for when the ball is squeezed. The Arduino FIO allows for code to be changed on the chip while embedded in the ball.

Let me know if you have questions about the design or construction.


More Info

I have been attending another workshop with some related material to this class.

Here is the link to the blog:


There are some really useful resources.