In much the same vein as kaleidoscope art with its trance-inducing visuals, Datamoshing is a form of Glitch Art which has recently been popularized in video art. It occurs when the I-frames or key frames of a compressed video are removed, and videos transition into each other.  This causes frames from multiple video sequences to overlap and create a moving (or morphing) pixel glitch.

Datamoshing has increased in popularity after the release of the Chairlift “Evident Utensils” music video, along with the creators online tutorials for DIY-glitchers.  Kanye West as also gotten involved with datamoshing with his music video “Welcome to Heartbreak”, that selectively uses this process along with other trendy video effects.

Chairlift, \”Evident Utensils\” created by Young Master Kottke

Kanye West, \”Welcome to Heartbreak\” Ft. Kid Cudi

This fine art aesthetic is influenced by digital and analog errors, such as corrupted files or manipulated devices. The viewing of glitch art involves a personal awareness of technology and finding relationships in malfunctions. This video style has a retro-digital aesthetic focused on pixel reaction and color bleed. Datamoshing creates a continuous stream of morphing images, which has begun to inspire DIY fine artists and of course, advertising companies that are embracing current culture’s technologic influence on video art and love of the psychedelic.

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Anyone with a computer and an interest in digital media should take advantage of the video tutorials. Check them out and see what datamoshing can do for you!

How to Datamosh: part 1

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