Discover Electronics Kit 2.0

discover electronics v2

Sparkle Labs is made up of designers and teachers. Our Discover Electronics Kit is designed to make learning electronics easy and fun. It is a curated selection of the basic parts to get started and learning right away. They are standard components and are still useful when you are ready to build your own projects. More then just a kit, it is an online, video course which you can access here: Discover Electronics Course.

The kit comes with clear, solderless breadboard and a simple battery pack. Clearly labeled parts and simple directions means you can have your first circuit up and running in minutes.

discover electronics v2

The manual explains whats going on inside. Illustrations aid in understanding.

discover electronics v2 manual

Not just an electronics kit; online resources turn the kit into a video course pack.


  • Light Detector
  • Mini Theremin
  • Booby Trap
  • DIY Switch
  • Dark Detector
  • Rainbow LEDs
  • LED Flasher
  • Atari Punk Console (online project)
  • DIY Christmas Tree or Hannukah Candle (online projects)

Double check your work against the photographs.

discover electronics v2

We have additional projects available on this site and we are adding more projects and lessons online.
You can purchase the kit as well as other products here.

discover electronics v2


  • Transparent, Solderless Breadboard
  • Speaker, 8ohm
  • Potentiometers – 1k, 10k, 100k
  • Aligator clips
  • 556 Timer integrated circuit
  • DIP Switch, 4 position
  • Battery Holder, 4 AA, with headers and off/on switch
  • Prestripped jumper-wires
  • Photoresistors (2)
  • Resistors, various (70)
  • Capacitors, Various (26)
  • Transistors, NPN (2)
  • Diode – 1N4148
  • Diode – 1N4001
  • Button, momentary (2)
  • LEDs, 5mm (9, Different colors)
  • LED, 10mm, white, diffused
  • Instruction manual

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