Help us find Papertronics manufacturing in the USA

Well, we are running low on our Lunar Modules and we have a whole series of new Papertronics in the pipeline. Previously, we had them printed in Austin, Texas at a printer we have worked with many times. We then assembled the parts ourselves. Now that we have more coming out and an imp, building them ourselves would be a bit much. We need a manufacturer here in the US.
The most important part is the printing and die cutting. The rest is simply placing the electronics parts into envelopes and putting it all together. It would be nice to find some place to handle it all but, if not, we can have it printed, source all of the parts and then have them sent to the assembly plant. A place that does bubble gum cards might be good.
If have any leads please leave them in the comments below or send me an email at info AT sparklelabs DOT com.

Thank you,
_ariel ♠

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