Sparkle Labs’ inspire and create gift list 2012

This year we thought we would highlight some of the great and smart gifts out there from
many of our retailers and friends! We tried to focus on gifts that inspire people to create and learn but mostly it is a list of stuff that we would want!

Happy Holidays to everyone!

Oh the Places You Will Go
Still a family-owned business, Moore Push-Pins was established in 1900 by Edwin Moore with $112.60. Like many inventors and entrepreneurs he worked day and night building his business based on pins. Why pins? I do not know, but Mr. Moore is credited with inventing push-pins as well as map tacks.

We love Kiosk here in NY for gifting. These map tacks are great for planning or remembering.


USB Wall outlets
Get rid of all those power cables laying around! This is one of our favs.

From one of our favorite retailers ThinkGeek or at BHPhoto


Spinning Radiometer
First made almost 140 years ago by the British inventor who first developed the vacuum tube later adapted by Edison into a light bulb.

The Radiometer demonstrates energy transfer from natural radiation (light). It consists of a set of four vanes (shiny on one side and black on the other) sensitively balanced on a spindle in a partial vacuum. When exposed to light, the vanes revolve. The blackened vane becomes hotter than its opposite shiny side and repels residual air molecules from its warm surface. This tiny difference in air pressure is what causes the vanes to rotate—the brighter the light, the faster the rotation.

Amazing! From Garrett Wade Get it here.


Make Magazine
Make magazine is about making your ideas a reality. Through it you can learn, not just what is possible, but what is possible for you to do yourself. A full year of Make is one of the best gifts I can think of.

MAKE Magazine gift subscriptions and gift certificates – it’s not too late to spark a lifetime of making!

Foul Weather Kettle
After taking many canoe camping trips in upstate NY and getting rained on, this kettle will
have coffee, eggs and bacon on the table in the worst weather. Great dependable tool and top design!

Not one of our retailers but maybe they should be..


Visual Electromagnetic Spectrum Poster
An exciting visual aid to explore the unique relationship between the unseen electric and magnetic waves that constantly surround us. See the difference between wavelength and frequency scales in addition to understanding radio and microwave usage, x-ray and gamma ray absorption and much more.

From ScienceKit, one of our retailers here on the East Coast.


Messograf pen calipers
Best in class. Caliper rule? Tire tread gauge? Ruler? Thread scale? Writing instrument? The Messograf is all of these in one.
Made in Germany. Buy them at Adafruit.

We started working with Adafruit a few years ago. Great company and great people. They also just started carrying our Papertronics Lunar Landers in time for the holidays.


Nativity Set by House Industries
We love so much about House Industries. Based on an Alexander Girard wood panel illustration,
this nativity is hand printed and a true collectable.

Get it here.


Fort Standard balancing Blocks in colors or all white
from our friends at Areaware.

Our toddler loves these blocks and you can keep them forever on your mantel because they are a classic.


Kokeshi Dolls
We bought a bunch for presents this year. There are great modern designs and old vintage pieces. A truly unique gift at all price points. get them here. or on etsy.


The Famous Drinking Bird
This infamous bird has been popular among children and adults for years. Once Drinking Bird’s head is dunked in water, it will begin bobbing back and forth taking “drinks” with every bob.
It never stops!

From Scientifics, one of our retailers!


Korin Charcoal Grill
This is the perfect gift for the epicurian or grill master. I have wanted one for some time now. The grill comes in several sizes. Great for apartments too!
Yakitori anyone?


Discover Electronics and Discover Arduino Bundle
We really do think these kits are great gifts. Start your way to making your own great gifts and prototyping your dreams. The kits are used by many universities and schools to teach electronics and programming hands-on. Visual learning is always better.

Get them both at Sparkle Labs.


Baltimore Eggnog
This is a new tradition at Sparkle Labs and we highly recommend it. The holidays are great for laborious cocktails. We like this recipe from Jon Ashton.


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