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Mouse Squad

Welcome Mouse Squad!

Sparkle Labs has variety of products for educational use. Including Arduinos, USB cables, LEDs, and coin cells. We can create a bundle for your needs.

Our Discover Electronics Kit is great learning tool for an after school teaching environment.
Students and teachers can follow the online video lessons.

The kit covers basic concepts as well as lessons on the most common components and moving into more advanced circuits. Lessons are invaluable in learning the electronics that aid in using microcontrollers, like the Arduino, and with sensors and robotics.

We are working on teachers aids and we post new projects for use with the kit. Join our mailing list to keep up to date.

Our New York City Department of Education
Vendor ID is SPA11805

Sparkle Labs DIY Electronic Workshop!


  • Transparent, Solderless Breadboard
  • Speaker, 8ohm
  • Potentiometers – 1k, 10k, 100k
  • Aligator clips
  • 556 Timer integrated circuit
  • DIP Switch, 4 position
  • Battery Holder, 4 AA, with headers and off/on switch
  • Prestripped jumper-wires
  • Photoresistors (2)
  • Resistors, various (70)
  • Capacitors, Various (26)
  • Transistors, NPN (2)
  • Diode – 1N4148
  • Diode – 1N4001
  • Button, momentary (2)
  • LEDs, 5mm (9, Different colors)
  • LED, 10mm, white, diffused
  • Instruction manual
discover electronics v2discover electronics v2 manualdiscover electronics v2 manualdiscover electronics v2 manualdiscover electronics v2discover electronics v2
discover electronics v2discover electronics v2discover electronics v2discover electronics v2discover electronics v2discover electronics v2
discover electronics v2discover electronics v2discover electronics v2

Discover Kit 2, a set on Flickr.

We also have a wide variety of LEDs and other components packaged for educational use. As well as new products in the pipeline.

Please contact us at edu AT sparklelabs DOT com with questions and for educational pricing.

Building giant buttons for MoMA PopRally : Part 1

Kill Screen is curating a MoMA PopRally and asked us to make some buttons for a couple of their games. They want giant buttons which sounds like a fun way to play games in a public space. One of the games is called B.U.T.T.O.N and is from Copenhagen Game Collective. I have yet to play the game but it seems to be much more about your physical relationship to the buttons and the other players. The second game is Canabalt from Adam Atomic. This is a single player, side-scroller that is played with a single button. It is surprisingly fun and requires a subtle touch on the button to control the height of your jump.

These buttons will up for two months and I am a bit concerned about the durability. We will design and build the giant buttons in upcoming posts.

A bit of a delay :( Discover Electronics Kit 2.0

Version 2 of our electronics kit is a bit behind schedule. We are putting some finishing touches on it and could not resist adding even more improvements after getting the sample. It should be all ready in just a few weeks.

Some of the improvements:

  • Transparent breadboard
  • Simplified power supply
  • Improved packaging
  • Improved manual
  • Integration with videos

discover electronics v2
discover electronics v2 manual
discover electronics v2 manual

NOR_9625 - Version 7Man7-8Manual Page 5-6Manual 3-4

Discover Kit 2, a set on Flickr.

Hi. I am a new intern!

Hi! My name is Joey Lee. I am from Guatemala and I am becoming a junior at RISD. I am majoring in painting and industrial design and I am excited to intern at Sparkle Labs for this summer in new york city!