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Gestalt Principles

Continuance is when your eyes are led in a particular direction.

Figure/Ground is when there is a stark contrast between the object and the background so it is easily identifiable as to what is figure ground and what is background.

Similarity is when two or more of the same or similar objects are shown.

Closure is when you are able to perceive a whole or complete the object without having all the parts given.

Proximity is when your eyes form groups of similar objects due to how close they are to each other.

Gestalt Principles


A complete figure can be seen even when parts of it are missing, due to the figure(s) surrounding it.



The figure leads the eye to follow a certain direction or path.



A figure is clearly placed prominently against a solid background (there is a clear foreground and background).



The eye associates certain figures into groups, due to their close positions (their proximity).



Two or more figures are shown to be so similar that even though they may have slight differences, the viewer can still perceive them to be in the same group.

The Gestalt Theory

Proximity: objects that are close together tend to group themselves together

Similarity: similar objects that are close also tend to form a group

Continuance: it is the idea that the eyes continues at a distance until something significant disrupts the flow

Closure: when an object or space is not completely enclosed, the enough shape indicated, one would tend to perceive it whole without the missing space.

Figure ground: how form (ground) relates to the format (ground)

Gestalt Examples and Explanations

Closure: When our minds perceive a complete image/form even when some of the pieces of that image/form are missing.

Proximity: When shapes/forms are placed near each other our minds tend to perceive them as a group.

Figure/Ground: The mind differentiates an object from the area around it (negative space).

Continuance: When the eye is lead from one object off the page or from one object to another object.

Similarity: When objects look similar and have a similar form the mind will group them.

-Zoe Katleman

Gestalt Principles

Similarity occurs when the eye perceives multiple similar objects as a single unit or group:

Continuation occurs when the eye is compelled to move from one point to another:

Closure occurs when the eye completes an incomplete figure. If the existing figure is suggestive of the whole, the eye will assume missing information:

Proximity occurs when the eye perceives objects that are close together as a single unit or group:

Figure/Ground occurs when the eye differentiates an object (figure) from its surrounding area (ground):

Gestault Principles

Continuation- The principle of contiuation is when your eye is compelled to move from one object to another, your eye moves off of the page.

Proximity-The prinicple of proximity states that things that are close together will be seen as a group.

Similarity- The principle of similarity states things that share visual characteristics such as shape, color, size, texture etc. will be seen as belonging together.

Figure/Ground- The term figure/ground refers to similar elements (figure) which are contrasted by dissimilar elements (ground) to give off an impression of a whole.

Closure- The principle of closure applies when we tend to see complete figures even when part of the information is missing.